MUSIC 2017

The Purple Painted Lady® Festival will have multiple musical venues in 2017.  We are excited to have BOTH The Dean’s List and Me & The Boyz playing on our main stage and then we have over 20 different musicians/bands for playing across the street in front of our massive barn!

The Purple Painted Lady® MAIN STAGE (which is in front of the white & purple house):

The Dean’s List will be on the MAIN stage from 9 – 1 pm.

The Dean’s List is Everyone’s favorite party band! Playing everything from the Monkees to the Gorillaz! We just saw them at the Wayne County Fair- and they are all IN when on stage!  I dare you to not tap your toe or bounce in your seat- or dance when they are on stage….because it is impossible to not let their energy effect you!  Every single song… after another….was awesome.  I feel very fortunate that we get to share them with you from 9am til 1pm.   Try to get here early or you will be disappointed that you missed them.  (and they do private parties- so don’t be shy to contact them for a wedding, grad party or surprise Birthday party.  The music and food make the party!!!!!)


Me & The Boyz will be on stage from 1 – 5 pm.  

Me & The Boyz are a seven piece band of awesomeness.   Listen to them HERE.


On the parking side of the festival, we have the following independent musical line up for you to enjoy!:

9AM       Alex’s Dad
930        The Stranger
10           Karson Bolanos
1030       Jeff Slutskey
11            Yeah! Pete Johnson
1130        Alexandra Hayes
12           Jamie Lee
1230       Don Mancso
1             Mathew Corey
130         Brian
2             The Sugar Gliders
230         Evan
3             Kaiser Solzie
330         Luke Cornwell
4             Ryan Kinal
430         Ervin Russell