FOR THE ARTISTs doing our show

Hello Festival Artisans and Vendors!

Thanks for attending one of the seven vendor meetings we hosted throughout the summer!

Here is a reminder of 2017 SHOW RULES that YOU agreed to by making payment to be in the festival:


  1. PRODUCTS:  Selling only the items I agreed for you to bring based on your original email request. If selling painted furniture- it must be completed using the brands of paint The Purple Painted Lady retails.  I understand that may seem a bit of over reacting….but the whole purpose of the show started and continues to be- to build brand awareness for our business and the products that we sell.  It is a caveat and we understand – if an artist chooses to not be involved.  But this is the one genre that our team manages tightly.
    2. Set up is on Friday 9/22/17 between 7am and 8pm: You must set up your space (tent, infrastructure, tables, drop totes off) the day before (Friday, 9/22/17) anytime between 7am and 8pm   With 300 vendors- there is no way all of the could set up their tent the morning of or after it is dark.  Only Food Trucks have permission to arrive the morning of.   NO EXCEPTIONS!
    3. Your space must be show ready on Saturday, 9/23/17 morning by 8:40am.   There is an 8:45 Mandatory Meeting in front of the white & purple house. 
    4. You cannot share your space with another vendor/person/business.  The 10 X 10 space (or what you are paying for) is for advertising one business only.
    5. By now- you had to of attended ONE pre-barn sale meeting that was held at my house over the summer.   
    6.  Agree to LIKE us on Facebook- here is a link =>
    7. Click the “GOING” option on our 2017 Barn Sale Facebook Event Page – here is a link =>  (do this now)
    8. Agree to post on your Facebook / website PR TWICE about the event and use the hashtag  #thepurplepaintedladyfestival somewhere in your posts.  Dates for these two posts will be on Monday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 21st.  

***   Find Tricia Migliore Kuntz on Facebook and send a “Friend Request”  Once I accept – I will add you to a private Barn Sale Group Page  on Facebook

  1. ALCOHOL / FOOD INSURANCE: If you are a food dealers, distillery, microbrewery or baker – you must provide a “certificate of insurance” and add The Purple Painted Lady to your insurance policy for that one day.  You also must have all of the required licenses and certification present at the show.  This is an easy and simple thing to do- just call your agent.
  2. FOOD VENDORS need to provide one table with 6 chairs outside of their food truck.
    12. Agree that if you cannot attend, forfeit or do not show – there is no refund for vendor fees.
    13. You will be engaging and friendly with festival attendants (our show’s reputation is very important!) Sorry- just had to add this.
  3. BREAK DOWN on Saturday:   That you will NOT start to break down or pack up ANYTHING in your booth prior to 5pm on 9/23 ……unless Trish gives the OK to all vendors.   Trust me- your fellow artist neighbors will tel me if you do.
    15. That you will NOT pull your car into the festival area, until you are fully packed up- so you do not cause a bottleneck and make others wait because of you.

Not abiding by this – will disqualify you from being invited back!

16. That you will remove ALL of your garbage (wrappers, ribbons, price tags, business cards,
etc) or garbage from others left in or around your tent and take it with you.  Leaving behind garbage – will disqualify you from being invited back.
17. JUST TO REPEAT THIS>….This is a NO SMOKING event

Issues or questions?        Thank you!  XO Trish