2018 Admission & Parking

Does it cost money to go to the festival?

Yes, The Purple Painted Lady® Festival is a huge benefit for many worthy charities and organizations. The cost for entering and parking go to various organizations as described below.


To streamline the process to enter…..we will only be collecting money at the entance gates.  The cost is $5 and much of that covers the donations made back to the volunteer organizations that help woth the 

infrastructure of having so many people come together.  For example, the 100 volunteers who manage the parking, help with garbage removal, collecting recycling, etc.     LOOK FOR THE BLUE 8 foot tall WELCOME FLAGS.  This is where the entrance gates are.

We will publish the list of organizations and charities that will benefit from the 2018 festival in Febraury 2018.

What is the parking situation?

We have over 20 acres of parking.  in 2018, we have added an additional entrance so if you were traveling to us and were impacted by the detour, that will no longer happen!!!!   

Keep in mind though – this show is HUGE and it is held outside! And so is the parking – and we use 20 acres of our farmed hay fields for the parking. What does that mean? Maybe save the white carpeted Porsche Cayenne for the mall and drive your other vehicle.  And, please don’t wear high heels- or your brand new white Converse because you will be walking in a field.   Is it horrible?  NO!  But we want people to be realistic.  Parking is managed by the Wayne County Sheriffs, the Wayne County Explorers, the Town of Macedon Police and also the PalMac Rotary. We all do our best to get you in that parking space as quickly as possible. 

SO……..SAVE THE DATES! September 22 & 23, 2018! Two days of fun! Saturday from 9 – 5pm and Sunday from 10 – 4pm.   We have four bands…lots of food trucks….and amazing artisans. Some changes we are doing for 2018 are:

1. maps of festival handed out at the gates

2. One fee of $5 at the entrance gates (no collecting money at parking)

3. Adding an additional driveway to the main parking to expedite the early morning traffic flow!

4. Increased golf carts for assisting with moving people to and from the festival to parking

5. Adding an INFORMATION BOOTH located straight in …at the “Y” of the driveway with Lost & Found

6. Adding tall flags to designate LOUNGE areas and restrooms.