2nd Saturday’s @ Village Gate for 2018

UPCOMING SECOND SATURDAYS at village gate will be:

 DECEMBER 8th from 10 til 4pm

We are excited to share that Howling Monkey Guitar Picks will have their laser etcher set up and working at Second Saturdays on December 8th!

JW Bleach & Ink, Amy Dunn (art prints & illustrations), Designs by Darlene,  Frances and Grace (jewelry and household items),  The Humble Gent, To Die For Decor,  Goat Isle Soap, Natelissa Art, Crooked Halo, Cathy Maushi Creations, Lilla Rose, Evie’s knitting Sensations, Ghana Ba African Beads Gallery, Howling Monkey Guitar Picks (laser etching and guitar stuff!)

Past artists are:

November 10th from 10 til 4pm

The Humble Gent, Knitters on a Mission, Doc Popcorn, Tea-Licious Trendz, Shanty’s Chic Decor (formally Memory Boards & More), T’s Tantalizing Dry Rubs,  Capturing Life’s Moments Photography, To Die For Decor,  Goat Isle Soap, Natelissa Art, Crooked Halo, Forest Fairy Houses, Cathy Maushi Creations, JWilStudio, Pot Tops Unique (Creative Boxes & Container Ceramics), Evie’s knitting Sensations, Ghana Ba African Beads Gallery, HEKA Essential Oils

The North Bee ,   The Humble Gents , Against The Grain Woordworking, Beaded Creations, Bohemian Bookbinders, Gary Angora,  Herloski Creations,  Homemade Hearts Enterprises, Homemade Hearts Enterprises, itty bitty and… , JW Bleach & Ink, Laura Taylor Art, Marlene Canavan Glass Tulip Jewelry, ROC-Paper-Scissor, My Heart by A Thread who will have repackaged handmade felt foods, build your own terrarium for mom and some gorgeous handmade robes for mom ♥️ ……Carley Brown Signs, Against The Grain (Wood Working) , Westminister Trends – Handpainted animal planters and macrame hangings , Spangler Books – handmade notebooks , Maria’s Bottles to Decor , Beaded Creations , PS…Your Personal Statement – gourd necklaces , Homemade Hearts Enterprises , Carrie’s Custom Quilts , Evie’s Knitting SensationHerloski Creations, Just Glue In Around , Marlene Canavan Glass Tulip Jewelry , Noah Baskin Photography ,  Bohemian Bookbinders , Whimzical Designz , The Crooked Halo , The North Bee , The Humble Gents     ….and more! 

Click on the date below to access it’s Facebook EVENT page to see more detail.

  January  13, 2018   ,   February  10, 2018   ,   March  10, 2018   ,    April 14, 2018   ,   June  9, 2018     ,    July  14, 2017   ,   August 11, 2018    ,   September 8, 2018   ,   October 13, 2018   ,     November 10, 2018   ,    December 8, 2018



WHAT IS Second Saturdays?

Every month on the Second Saturday- The Purple Painted Lady® hosts an event at her Village Gate location- (274 Goodman Street North Rochester NY 14627)

We typically have between 15 to 30 artists.   (This is focused on hand made items, not wholesale.)  During November and December it is packed!  

I describe this on-going event as a collaboration of Rochester Artisans coming together to show off and sell their creations at Village Gate located at 274 Goodman St North Rochester 14627! New artist every month! Come on out and experience “The Gate’s 2nd Saturday!”


Village Gate is located at near the Memorial Art Gallery in the Neighborhood of the Arts district.  

274 Goodman Street North Rochester NY 14627


WANT TO BE A VENDOR? (NO direct sales please ~)

HERE IS HOW TO APPLY:   Email Trish at takuntz@rochester.rr.com if interested in being a vendor. NO direct sales please ~

Note the subject of your email as “Second Saturdays- applying to be a vendor”

In the email include these SIX ITEMS:

1. ALL of your contact info (address, cell phone)

2. Business name (The name I should use to promote you?)

3. Describe what you will be selling (cannot be wholesale items)

4. Include ONE OR TWO photos….but not anymore of your product and a photo of your display or tent.

5. Specify what months you are interested in?

6. Provide a valid link to your Facebook page or etsy shop (I will NOT go searching for your page if you tell me- “look at my etsy site, my business name is XYZ”)

Here are details regarding Second Saturdays:

This is a casual “bazarre” in the hallways of Village Gate.

Cost is $25…for one space.  (unless you are registered and paid for my 9/23/17 Barn sale…then the cost is only $20)  The Barn Sale is totally filled- so if you are not in it….you will have to wait till 2018 to join.    Payment for 2nd Saturdays is either Cash or check (made out to Tricia Kuntz)  Mail to me at least 2 weeks prior to the Date.  Don’t wait if inquiring for months out though- because if someone else sends in their check- they get the reservation.    You can send one check totaling the amount for multiple Saturday’s.

Village gate is located at 274 Goodman St North in Rochester. 


I recommend parking in the BACK parking lot of Village Gate and entering in the corner door that states “ENTRANCE B” over it.  You will walk down that hallway  and when you get to t he “T” intersection…make a right.  I am about 30 feet down on your left between Scarlet Bridal and Get Caked Bakery.  That is where you will find Steve or me!


Take note….the halls can be chilly in the winter and warm in the summer   And the light is not super super bright…but …..it is part of the romance of Village Gate. 

SET UP:  On Saturday morning, arrive around 8:50am.  Meet in front of The Purple Painted Lady.  

At 9am….Steve or Trish will direct placement of where to set up.   

******If you come at 7:45am —we won’t be there…and you will just have to wait. 

You cannot set up anywhere you like.   Keep in mind- we are in the city….although the show starts at 10am…people don’t really start coming out of the wood work till about 11am!

You supply your own fold up banquet table (6 to 8 feet), chair and bring your merchandise….and sell!

No tents and no extruding side walls.   (again- we are setting up hallways)

YOUR DISPLAY:  You need a sign identifying your business!  Buy one off of VistaPrint and clip it to the front of your table OR get some cheap 3M hooks so you can hang it behind it you!  Nothing is worse than going to an event where tables look like a “garage sale” set up.


Show starts at 10am ends around 4:30pm – but you can stay as long as you want….. since VG gets pretty busy around 7pm.    (however- we are in discussions of changing the time to start later BUT that has not happen yet!)

AMOUNT OF SPACE that you get: Your payment is for one banquet size table (think 6 to 8 feet).   This is more of an issue during the holiday months. 

No breaking down early on the day of the show…meaning before 4pm.  After that point – I am flexible. 

You provide your own table & chair…and all of your stuff.  Again- think professional display.  Don’t just sprawl your stuff across a table…think visual height…build your display up to. Create a pennant or banner!   Have a tablecloth that corresponds to what you make.  Pick a focus and stick to it.  (Meaning0 do not make candles and coffee)  Pick one and do it better than anyone else!    You will generate more sales if you stick to soe of these suggestions!

There is NO wifi

See you then!