2019 Festival Application Process

If this page is still is up on our website- it means we are still reviewing and accepting artist for the 2019 Festival. 

How to submit your info to receive a decision on if accepted:

Make sure to read everything below so you know what you are getting yourself into, but …….click here to apply!  (it can take us up to 30 days to respond so please do not become frustrated and once you submit the information- there is nothing else for you to do – except wait for a response.)


Welcome! My name is Trish and with my family and a great team, we have a business called The Purple Painted Lady.  The Purple Painted Lady has four retail locations between Rochester and Syracuse.  Almost 54,000 people follow us on Facebook.  This will be our ninth year of hosting  The Purple Painted Lady Festival. As our business has grown- so has this venue.  And our plans are to continue on this path.  Want to join us? 

We host this two day art festival at our home on 60 acres on Yellow Mills Road in Macedon/Palmyra NY and we have approximately 325 artisans and food trucks, and live bands.  We anticipate around 12K people. Read through this page, and then click on the link at the bottom to open the form to apply to be an artist at the festival. A response should be returned to you within 15 days. We are looking for artists and crafters…We do not permit buy/sell vendors.  If you choose to join us, you must do BOTH days, you cannot opt to do just one. 

We averaged 11,000 people in attendance  in 2018 and every year the attendance grows.  The Wayne County Sheriffs Department and Macedon Town Police are all involved to handle the traffic flow for this two day event.

In 2019, Annie Sloan, of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® will be attending in 2019!

COST to be on the event:  If you are an artist and are looking for a 10×10 space, the fee is $190.  If you are a food truck or need a larger space- once you apply here on line, is accepted, we will send the official form that has a break down of prices.  


Here is a video from the festival held on September 22 and 23, 2018.  Check it out to get an idea of the “feel” of our event..


Here is a video from the festival held on September 23, 2017.  Check it out to get an idea of the “feel” of our event..


****   Before I go any further- can you LIKE my Business Facebook page, pretty please if you have not already?  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Purple-Painted-Lady/291882785710

In 2016, we had around 168 artists, vendors, bakers, and food trucks. In 2017 – we had 300 artists and that is where I plan on the show staying at…or even having some less.  “Bigger is not always better

We invest over $8000 in advertising between media print, Lamar billboards and yard signs that every artist will receive.  

If you get accepted and make payment – that means you agree to the following:

1. Selling only the items agreed for you to bring based on your original email request. If selling painted furniture- it must be completed using the brands of paint The Purple Painted Lady retails.  I understand that may seem a bit of over reacting….but the whole purpose of the show started and continues to be- to build brand awareness for our business and the products that we sell.  It is a caveat and we understand – if an artist chooses to not be involved.  But this is the one genre that our team manages tightly.

2. Set up begins on Wednesday, 9/18 thru Friday 9/20/19:   Anytime between 7am and 8pm   With over 300 vendors- there is no way all of them could set up their tent the day before or after it is dark.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Have your space all ready on Saturday, 9/21/18 morning by 8:45am as so to attend the quick mandatory vendor meeting on the front lawn in front of the purple porch with Trish.

4. Do not share your space with another vendor/person/business.  The 10 X 10 space (or what you are paying for) is for advertising one business only.

5. If you are new to the festival, you must attend ONE pre-festival sale meeting that will be held at Trish’s house over the summer.  The dates of the vendor meetings will be sent out.   Again, if this is your first show, you must attend a meeting at the festival site so that you can get an idea of the layout! Veteran vendors can attend one of the meetings at Village Gate.  All artists will receive a lawn sign which will go up around September 1st, and will have to bring their raffle item to the meeting (see #16 below)

6.  Agree to LIKE us on Facebook- here is a link => https://www.facebook.com/thepurplepaintedlady/

7.  Click the “GOING” option on our 2019 Barn Sale Facebook Event Page – here is a link =>  (do this now)     https://www.facebook.com/events/1099105803578328/

8. Agree to post on your Facebook / website PR TWICE about the event and use the hashtag  #thepurplepaintedladyfestival somewhere in your posts.  Dates for these two posts will be given at the vendor meeting.

9.   Once you receive an acceptance email- find Tricia Migliore Kuntz on Facebook and send a “Friend Request”  Once I accept – I will add you to a private Barn Sale Group Page  on Facebook.

10. ALCOHOL / FOOD: If you are a food dealers, distillery, microbrewery or baker – you must provide a “certificate of insurance” and add The Purple Painted Lady to your insurance policy for that one day.  You also must have all of the required licenses and certification present at the show.  This is an easy and simple thing to do- just call your agent.

11. Vendors need a 10×10 tent (or larger for double spaces). We cannot fit 12×12 tents. As this show becomes more and more popular- many more artist want to be part of it.  Our expectation is that artist who do TPPL Festival will go the extra mile when it comes to curating and decorating their tent …BOTH inside and out.  Think about having an outdoor carpet.  Perhaps adding a mum or fern.  Create displays that are inviting.  Have signage that is large and ties into your art.     

11. FOOD VENDORS need to provide one table with 6 chairs outside of their food truck, and a trash can.

12. Agree that if you cannot attend, forfeit or do not show – there is no refund for vendor fees.  (read this one twice!)

13. Do NOT start to break down your booth prior to 4pm on 9/22/19 unless Trish gives the OK to all vendors.  If you break down early- you will not be invited back.  Trust me- everyone around you will tell me if you break this rule.

14. That you will NOT pull your car into the festival area, until you are fully packed up- so you do not cause a bottleneck and make others wait because of you. (If you break down early- you will not be invited back.  Trust me- everyone around you will tell me if you break this rule.)

15. This is a NO SMOKING/Vaping event, and no dogs are allowed.

16.You will donate one item valued at $30 to go to the show raffle – and all proceeds benefit the PalMac Select Choir and Boy Scout Venture Crew 313

After reading all of that…click here to apply!  Good luck and thank you again for your interest!