Become a 2018 Artist

I feel being part of this festival is something special and we book up fast!  Meaning we will have NO VACANCIES. 

BECOME A 2018 Participating Festival ARTIST: (NO direct sales please)

We are looking for the BEST of the BEST!  This means- when you walk through the aisles of the festival, it is not dejavu of the previous aisle.  If you create jewelry, this is the ONE niche that is over saturated!  I am looking for unique, different!  If you make beaded jewelry…..think about what makes yours different than all the others!  My expectation on your booth will be noted below.  And …….in 2018- the festival will become a two day show!   So…….save the dates =>  September 22 & 23, 2018

We are NOT accepting any more:    JEWELRY artists , artists who make rustic signs or painted signs , Soap creators or Candle makers


WE WILL BEGIN accepting emails to apply on 12/1/2017…which is TODAY.    We select artists!  By sending in your information- does NOT mean you are in it untill you receive a welcome email from Trish!


Tiered Registration Fee based on when you Register for this TWO DAY SHOW plus a $30 raffle item:

Regsitered and accepted from 12/1/17 till 1/31/18 

 Food Trucks = $450

Artists =>   $175= 10X10 OR $350 = 20X10

Regsitered and accepted from from 2/1/2018  till the show 

Food Trucks = $500

Artists =>   $190= 10X10 OR $380 = 20X10

Money must be received BEFORE the date parameters noted above to qualify for price.     (no- there is not a ONE DAY OPTION unless you are a FOOD TRUCK)

Most importantly- please understand- that if you cancel or back out once payment is made- there is no refund. So, if you are fickle or potentially have a life event in the forecast – don’t register. : )   Managing an event is a lot.  Once you register- it denies someone else of that same niche a spot.  NO, we do not keep a waiting list of artist by category in case you decide you cannot attend.  


Any Artist or food truck that is in the 2017 gets first right of refusal to be in the 2018 festival!  However……they have until 11/30/17 to apply for guaranteed acceptance….. as long as they complied with all of the 2017 rules noted below.   In 2018….if you have done the show before (meaning you are a festival alumni) …… will NOT need to attend a vendor meeting at my home over the summer. Instead…you just need to participate in a Facebook LIVE meeting I will host and then, deliver your raffle item to either our Village Gate store or Macedon. I hope that makes things a bit more convenient. I believe the pre-meeting is very beneficial….but you guys are pro’s at this by now.

INSTRUCTION TO APPLY …….what you need to do.  

This is not a juried show, however, Trish, The Purple Painted Lady® determines and selects artists.  She balances the amount of any one genre- because she dislikes going to an art festival that is 100% jewelry or has direct sellers promoting insurance, windows, or solar panels.  So- this show is ONLY for artisans.  She also loves having artists who have never done a festival before- so do not be afraid or shy to apply!


The Purple Painted Lady® Festival is promoted through out the entire year and we will offer three sponsor opportunities.  Gold Sponsorship will promote your business name on all 25,000 Festival Postcards, banners, print media and Billboards.  With over 50,000 Facebook followers and significant foot traffic in their four locations, and the over 250,000 impressions from the LAMAR billboards, ads in 585 and South Wedge Quarterly- this is some serious exposure!  In fact… based on our metrics and stats, you will get more exposure from sponsoring this event than any other media you invest in!  

WANT TO BE A VENDOR? (NO direct sales please ~)

HERE IS HOW TO APPLY:   Email Trish at if interested in being a vendor. NO direct sales please ~

  1. Note the subject of your email as “TPPL 2018 FESTIVAL – (Insert Your Business name here)”

In the email include these FIVE ITEMS:

  • ALL of your contact info (address, cell phone)
  • Business name (The name I should use to promote you?)
  • Describe what you will be selling (cannot be wholesale items)
  • Include ONE OR TWO photos….but not more!   I need a photo of your art and a photo of your display or tent.
  • Provide a valid link to your Facebook page or etsy shop (I will NOT go searching for your page if you tell me- “look at my etsy site, my business name is XYZ”)



By making payment to be in the festival- you agreed to the following:


  1. Selling only the items we agreed for you to bring based on your original email request. If selling painted furniture- it must be completed using the brands of paint The Purple Painted Lady retails.  I understand that may seem a bit as over reacting….but the whole purpose of the show started and continues to be- to build brand awareness for our business and the products that we sell.  It is a caveat and we understand – if an artist chooses to not be involved.  But this is the one genre that our team manages tightly.
  2.  Scheduled Set up will begin on Wednesday, Sept 19th.: Set up your space (tent, infrastructure, tables, drop totes off) anytime between 7am and 8pm   With 300 vendors- there is no way all of the could set up their tent the morning of or after it is dark.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  You can come back multiple days BUT will not be able to drive through the area after your initial set up day so be prepared to carry your product in.
  3. Your tent must be either a 10 x 10 OR 10 x 20.  It cannot be smaller or larger.
  4. Having your space all ready on Saturday, 9/22/18 morning by 8:45am as so to attend the quick mandatory vendor meeting on the front lawn in front of the purple porch.
  5. Not sharing your space with another vendor/person/business.  The 10 X 10 space (or what you are paying for) is for advertising one business only.
  6.  Agree to attend ONE pre-barn sale meeting that will be held at my house over the summer.  The dates of the vendor meetings will be emailed on June 1st, 2018.   If this is your first show- YOU MUST ATTEND ONE MEETING!   
  7. Agree to donate an item from your booth that has a value of $30 or greater.
  8. Agree to LIKE us on Facebook- here is a link =>  
  9. Click the “GOING” option on our 2017 Barn Sale Facebook Event Page – here is a link =>  (do this now)
  10. Agree to post on your Facebook / website PR TWICE about the event and use the hashtag  #thepurplepaintedladyfestival somewhere in your posts.  Dates for these two posts will be on Monday, Sept. 10, 2018  and Thursday, Sept. 20th 
  11. ***   ONCE YOU ARE ACCEPTED TO THE SHOW, Find Tricia Migliore Kuntz on Facebook and send a “Friend Request”  Once I accept – I will add you to a private Barn Sale Group Page  on Facebook
  12. ALCOHOL / FOOD: If you are a food dealers, distillery, microbrewery or baker – you must provide a “certificate of insurance” and add The Purple Painted Lady to your insurance policy for that one day.  You also must have all of the required licenses and certification present at the show.  This is an easy and simple thing to do- just call your agent.
  13. FOOD VENDORS need to provide one table with 6 chairs outside of their food truck.
  14. Agree that if you cannot attend, forfeit or do not show – there is no refund for vendor fees.
  15. You will be engaging and friendly with festival attendants (our show’s reputation is very important!) Sorry- just had to add this.
  16.  ON SUNDAY, Sept 23rd- at the end of show:  That you will NOT start to break down your booth prior to 4pm on 9/23 unless Trish gives the OK to all vendors. (My team will be managing this much tighter this year)
  17. That you will NOT pull your car into the festival area, until you are fully packed up- so you do not cause a bottleneck and make others wait because of you.   Not abiding by this – will disqualify you from being invited back!
  18. That you will help to remove ALL of your garbage (wrappers, ribbons, price tags, business cards, etc) or garbage from others left in or around your tent and take it with you.  Leaving behind garbage – will disqualify you from being invited back.  (I am always extremely grateful for how amazing you all!)
  19. JUST TO REPEAT THIS>….This is a NO SMOKING event

Thanks  and hope to see you in September 2018!